I am passionate that students fully master both knowledge and skills of any course I teach. My expectations are high (so be ready to work!), but I will provide the support to help you achieve those goals. See the Teaching page for more details on my philosophy and access to my teaching portfolio.

I specialize in structural engineering and I teach a wide range of courses from freshman through Ph.D. Level. Courses being taught Spring 2013:

  • CVEN 444 - Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures .
  • CVEN 445 - Matrix Analysis of Structures.



My research is broadly divided into structural engineering topics and research in engineering education. Additional information is available on the Research page, but general areas include:

  • Engineering Education: Active learning and project-enhanced learning, high-impact learning activities
  • Structural Engineering : Structural Control, Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Finite Element Modeling, Probabilistic Hazard Analysis, Structural Health Monitoring, Historic Preservation


Welcome to my web-site! I hope you find the site helpful in learning a bit about me and what I do.

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